Friday, July 27, 2012

Cute Lamp Redo

I really needed a lamp to go on a console table in my entry way.

I found this lamp at the goodwill for 3 dollars I hated the color but I thought that it had a lot of potential.

-A lamp
- Spray paint meant for metal
- Lamp shade

First spray paint the lamp base. (I forgot to take a picture so this is half way through painting.) It was originally a matte navy blue color and chipping, yuck. I used Rust-Oleum glossy white spray paint; it worked the best. You can get it at any hardware store and it's not expensive.

See how great the base looks with some new paint.

I got the lamp shade separately, also at goodwill, for 7 dollars. It was brand new from Target and not even opened. I added some ribbon to give it some color.

 I added 3 small bows where the ribbon met up together to hide the hot glue mess.
(If you need help with making a nice bow you can use this tutorial here.)

Such a cute lamp now :)

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