Friday, August 3, 2012

Onesie & Pants into a Fancy Dress

I love little pink dresses!

So when I got this hand-me-down outfit I thought that the jacket looked more suited for a dress.

I made the onesie into a dress and the pants into a bum cover to go with this adorable jacket.

Any pants and onesie outfit with a stain on the bottom half of the onesie? Then this would be a great fix, follow along with me!

- Little outfit: onesie, pants and jacket (optional)
-1/3 yard fabric, this will be the skirt of the dress
- elastic, about a foot 
- Ribbon, one yard
-Sewing machine 
- Sewing supplies (scissors, thread, etc)

First cut the onesie in half where you want the skirt to be connected (don't forget to allow for the seam allowance). Then cut the pants just under the bum to an inch under the crotch seam.

I started first with the pants to make the diaper cover. Hem up the leg holes with a double fold hem leaving a hole to thread the elastic through. I attached a safety pin to the end of the elastic to make it easier to thread it through the hem.

Next double fold hem one long side of the skirt fabric, and single fold hem the other long side with a zigzag stitch. Then stitch the salvages (short sides) right sides together at 3/4 inch or however wide the salvage is. Then cut the excess fabric off the seam down to 1/4 inch, and zigzag the raw edges together.

Fold the skirt fabric in half and mark the center with a pin. Then we gather the skirt by base stitching (long stitch length with no back stitch) the top, leaving the strings long. Then carefully pull one of the treads to gather the top of the skirt just to the center pin.

Gather enough for the pin and the seam of the skirt to be the same width as the front of the onesie top. Then do this to the other side so the skirt is the same width as the whole onesie and secure it with a pin.

Then pin the gathered skirt to the onesie top with the skirt seam lined up with the closer (snaps) in back. Start at the seam and stop when you get 2 or so inches from the other side, if the skirt is a bit too small or big you can gather it more or less to make it fit. Then sew it on.

Next sew on the ribbon over the gathered edge to hide it, stitching on both sides and tucking under the ends. I put this seam in front on the side because it will be covered by a bow. 

To make the bow cut a piece of ribbon 6 inches and fold in half with the ends in the center, folding under the end that shows. and stitch. (I stitched it with the sewing machine but you could hand stitch too.) Then cut another piece 2 inches and wrap it around the center and hand stitch it in place on the back. (A bow from this tutorial would also look great.)

Then stitch it to the dress covering up the ribbon seam. (You could do this in the back or the front.)

Now you have a cute little dress with a jacket and bum cover for your little one to wear. 


  1. That is the most awesome dress ~ would cost like $50 at any store! Great job Christy!!

  2. Your tutorial inspired me to turn a onsie into a St. Patrick dress for my little one for around $1.50. I did a bow on the dress just like you did here. I had many friends comment on it. I am glad I found your website, I do hope that you continue to post more of your re-purposing.