Friday, August 10, 2012

Knit Fabric Flower Headband

Sometimes hair needs an accessory, it really completes an outfit and I love making them!

This one in particular goes with a lovely dress I made my little girl found here

These flowers are made out of a knit fabric, and as you know knit doesn't fray so the edges can be left unfinished which gives a fun fringey look to it.

For little heads, 

Or grown up ones.

They can be casual, 
or fancy.

-Strips of knit fabric (I used three 1"x 8" pieces)
-brads or beads
-enough elastic to go around your/your little one's head 
-scissors and sewing supplies

To gather the strips.

First you are going to gather the strips by sewing a basting stitch, which is when you lengthen your stitch length to as far as it will go and not back stitching.
(This can be done by hand using the same method.)

With a piece this short in length you'll want to secure the threads on one side by tying the ends together. (When gathering a longer piece of fabric you'll want to gather one side to the center then gather the other side, to keep the threads from breaking.) Then on the other side pull one of the threads to gather.

To make the flower

1. Continue pulling until the fabric it tightly bunched together.
2. Cut the non bunched edge in a wavy pattern.
3. Roll the strip with the right side on the inside.
4. Hand stitch the bottom (or gathered section) to secure the roll together. 

Next push a brad through the center to the other side. Or here you could sew on a bead.

Repeat this for as many flowers as you would like. 

And attach, glue or sew these flowers to anything they look good on.

In this case I made three to put on a headband.


To make the headband cut an oval out of the same knit fabric.

Then poke the end of the brad through the fabric oval. 
(If you use a bead instead of a brad here you can just hand stitch it on.)

Then poke the other two flowers through the oval and secured the brads by pressing the metal tabs open.

Then measure the elastic piece and cut it to fit on a head (whoever your making it for) and sew the ends together.

Next wrap the sides of the oval fabric around the elastic covering up where you sewed.

Then stitch is closed catching the elastic as you sew to keep it from sliding around on the headband.

And there you have it, a new head band out of old knit fabric. 
Who said you can't make something out of nothing!  (well not nothing but at least very little).

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