Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer Wreath

 My door is very plain, and  I wanted something bright on it for summer.

The sunny weather inspired me to make this wreath, yellow just like the sun. It was very bright and cheerful so I didn't want to add much color to it. Just some simple white flowers I made out of an old knit shirt to give the wreath a bit of interest.

-Wreath form
-Yellow yarn
-White fabric/old white t-shirt
-Needle & white thread
-Hot glue gun & extra glue

First I tied the yarn around the wreath, then I proceeded to wrap it around the entire wreath. This will probably take you the longest. Make sure to pull tight so it looks neat and tidy. When you reach the end tie again like you did at first. If you want to make sure it stays add some hot glue.

 Second I made the flowers out of this old t-shirt that had a whole in it.

 I cut squares in varying sizes to have different sized flowers.

 Then I folded the squares to make them round.

 Make sure you cut the open side/ unfolded side to make it round.

 Unfold the fabric. Get your needle and thread, thread your needle, then sew along the entire edge of the circle.

 Pull the thread tight to bring the fabric together. Push the middle into the fabric and tie off your thread.

 Finally you now hot glue those flowers onto your wreath and voila you have a beautiful summer wreath.

This is how it should look in the end have fun.

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