Friday, July 6, 2012

Scrappy Picture Frame

When I was at my local craft store I saw these unfinished wooden frames pleading to be something cute! So I got one to go with a post card I had of some old spools of thread, I thought it would be a good addition to my craft closet. And I wanted to show you all how it turned out.

-an old or unfinished picture frame
-some scrap paper 
-embellishments (I used old stickers, buttons and some string)
-mod podge 
-some scrap fabric and 3 cotton balls
-fancy dressmaker pins

First I started with an unfinished frame, I painted it blue and found some paper and embellishments I liked.

Next I cut the paper to fit around the frame making it look like a scrapbook page. I put the paper on where I thought it should go and mod podged it on. (Mod Podge is a brand of decoupage. It's like glue that dries clear and seals what you put it on.)

Then, once it dried, I used hot glue to attach the embellishments. To make the buttons look sewed on I threaded them as if sewn and then hot glued them on.

Next I thought it would be fun to make a tiny pincushion to put on the frame. So I took a small square of fabric and put 3 large cotton balls in the center on the wrong side of the fabric. Then I wrapped the fabric tightly around the cotton balls, trimmed the excess fabric and hot glued it together.

Then I glued the fabric puff ball onto the frame inside a small paper frame embellishment. And added the finishing touch, some cute dressmaker straight pins.

There you have it from unfinished- to so cute! A perfect way to display your scrapbooking skills for all to see and enjoy.

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  1. That is so darling. Would make a great personalized gift too!!