Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Ornament Wreath

I have been trying to find the perfect Christmas wreath for some time now and made many failed attempts. 

Luckily I found this great way to make a wreath with only a wire coat hanger and some Christmas tree ornaments. 

Want to make one too it's really easy!

Fun sparkly wreath!


I used red and silver ornaments!

- Wire coat hanger 
- Christmas tree ornaments of assorted sizes 
- Ribbon
- Hot glue gun and glue

First unwind the top of the hanger by the hook, and bend it into a circle.

Get all of your ornaments together.
I used 6 containers of plastic ornaments from the Dollar Store of varying types and sizes.

Start by threading the ornaments through the wire.

Put them on in a random order using all the sizes.

Put all the ornaments on turning each one so they fit into clusters

Then connect the ends of the wire by wrapping them around each other.

Lastly cut some ribbon for a loop and a bow, then tie the bow.
(If you need help in making a bow you can use the bow from this tutorial, just make the tails longer. However it will look a bit different from this one.)

Tie the loop to the wire and hot glue the bow to the top of the loop.

All done, wasn't that simple! 

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