Friday, November 9, 2012

Fabric Pumpkins

I thought it would be fun to make some pumpkins for a fall decoration the little ones could help with. 

This fun fall decoration would also make a great 
Thanksgiving Center Piece.

Multi-colored pumpkins have always been my favorite kind, so it's going to be patterned fabric pumpkins!

Add some leaf vines.

Or just stack them together.
It's a centerpiece that even the little ones will love.

-Fabric square (whatever size)
-Yarn & yarn needle
-Polly-fiber fill (stuffing)
-Felt scrap
-A stick (as tall as your pumpkin)
-Scissors and a hot glue gun

Take your square of fabric and fold it in fourths (fold in half, then half again). Then cut off the corner in a rounded cut and you have a circle. (After opening it I needed to fold it back up and round the corner more to get a more symmetrical circle.)

Next, sew around the edge in a very loose stitch with the yarn, make your stitches 2-4 inches apart. Sew all the way around the fabric and cinch it together like a pull string bad.

Then stuff the pumpkin with the fluff, as much as you want. The more fluff you use the firmer the pumpkin will be. Cinch it closed and tie it off leaving an opening about a half inch, but don't cut the yarn. 

Find the middle of the ball on the top and put a ring of hot glue in the center. Wait until the glue is dry and cut an X in the hot glue circle. This will keep the cut from frying. Then poke your finger in the hole to the other side and make tunnel to with your other finger through the bottom. 

Next take the yarn string and wrap it around the pumpkin and thread it through the tunnel in the center. Pull the yarn snug but not too tight. 

Now wrap it around again on the other side.

Continue doing this until you have 6 stings of yarn wrapped evenly around the pumpkin.

Next tie off the yarn string and cut it.

Then take the stick and push it through the tunnel in the center 

It should poke out the other end but just a little bit.

Next cut a small circle of felt about the size of a half dollar and hot glue it to the bottom of the pumpkin.

Put some hot glue to the bottom of the stick as well, to secure the stick in place. 

Put some glue at the top, just a small amount, to hold the fabric to the stick.

Make more in different sizes and colors, and you have some fun and soft pumpkin for any fall occasion. 

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  1. I just love these. What else are you going to do with all those left over scraps, make another quilt. So this is perfect. Great job Christy!