Friday, December 7, 2012

Baby Jammies into Shirt

My little one had some cute Christmas clothes when she was a baby, and I just loved them. Now they are way too small! 

So rather than just tossing them, I repurposed! 

I'll show you one today and the other one on the next blog.

A cute Christmas time shirt!

With fun little buttons.

-Baby jammies (with feet or without)
-Small buttons of matching colors
-Sewing supplies 

The too small jammies before.

The neck and the sleeves still fit but the body and the legs weren't long enough. So I decided to make it into a shirt. I measured the length of a shirt that fits, added a 1/2 inch for the hem and use that as the length measurement. Then cut it. 

Next fold up the bottom of the new shirt a 1/2 inch and press it (I just pressed it down with my finger).
This will be a single fold hem, if you want to do a double fold hem add an inch to the length measurement instead.

Sew the hem.

Make sure not to pull the fabric as you sew it or it will ripple like mine did (unless you want it to).

For a bit of fun add some buttons to the design on the shirt.

I added two buttons for the eyes and one in the center of each snowflake.

Now she can wear this cute shirt during the holiday season!

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