Monday, June 4, 2012

Tulle Bow

I'm really on a baby hair accessories kick.
Here is part two, (see part one here)- Tulle hair bows:

They are just some tulle and ribbon.

Cut some ribbon to the size you want the bow to be, doubled that length for the tulle, and cut a little piece for the center.

Take the tulle and fold the ends together so they overlap just a bit.

Then make a stitch through the center of the tulle catching both sides of the loop and the overlapping ends. Pull it so it gathers up a bit, then secure the stitch.

Then your going to layer all the pieces, first the long ribbon, then the tulle going the same direction and last the shorter ribbon going perpendicular.

Next wrap the short piece to the back overlapping the ends and stitch in place.

I added a safety pin again just to make it more versatile.

Now you have some more cute little accessories for your baby or for a cute detail to any project.

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