Friday, June 1, 2012

Baby Hair Band with Felt Flower

Having your baby girl called a boy is embarrassing. Luckily this hasn’t happened to me yet, probably because of the abundance of pink on her blankets and car seat. However I can’t dress her in pink forever so......

Baby Hair Accessories!

(So I guess this is all still pink but what can I say I like pink.)

I found a couple of cute hair things in my favorite blog- Wool Felt Hair Accessories (found here) and a Satin Flower (found here).

These are the ones I made
(On the Satin Flower I sewed the beads on rather than using hot glue).

I tried to stick them to her head using all sorts of sticky things but it always ended up coming off. So I decided to make some hair bands.

I took some cute elastic and cut it to the size of her head, overlapped the ends and sewed all around the overlapped edges.

(I sewed around the entire overlapped edge to give it more strength
when stretched without the bulk of a double fold.)

Another way to make a headband is to take a pair of old nylons, cut the foot off, measure from there, cut and sew the ends together. (This way is really soft and stretches well)

Then I sewed a safety pin to the flowers- this makes it so you can have one hair band and a lot of different looks.

(I put one side of the pin under the felt so it would be less bulky.)

You can also pin it to anything- hair bands, dresses, hats, whatever you want.

It's so cute no one could think she's a boy in this!

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