Friday, September 7, 2012

Scrapbooking: Using Paper - For Framing

Paper is one of the tools Scrapbookers use most. Not just for attaching the pictures to, but to enhance the page's look,  paper can be used for almost anything. 

When making scrapbook pages using a layout (my preferred method- here) the layout will usually show you where to put your pictures and how much paper to use. However to make the layout fit your memories you will probably need to make adjustments.

In this tutorial I want to show how to use paper for framing pictures and embellishments for your scrapbook pages. 


There are two kinds of basic framing in front and behind.

In front is where you cut a hole in the paper and lay it on top of the the picture (or whatever you are framing).

Like this one.

Behind framing is the paper, usually the same ratio as the picture, placed behind the picture.

Like this one (here we have two).

With both kinds of framing you can offset the picture to add interest or do different shapes and paper, be unique and try different things.
I personally like to frame almost every picture.

Faming Embellishments

There are endless types of embellishments you can make, any embellishment can be made out of paper. (Remember embellishments are the beautification of a page through ornamentation. And should enhance the memory or moment you are preserving.)

Both of these examples are simple and use small scraps of paper along with a button or brad in the center.

This is a flower embellishment using cut out shapes put together.

Here is some paper cut out hearts, each one framed.  

Even if you have a small scrap of paper you can make an embellishment, then frame it to make it look bigger. These heart embellishments were really small by themselves but I added two frames and grouped them together with a third frame. It's really simple but it works. Paper scrap embellishments are a great way to add interest without spending a lot of $$$.

This is what the page looks like all together.
(lots of framing!)

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