Friday, September 28, 2012

Decorating For Autumn: Leaves and Gourds

I love Autumn! 

It's my all time favorite season. Christmas is my favorite holiday and yes, I love the snow (when it comes for December then promptly leaves). But nothing tops the beauty of the red and orange leaves, the pumpkin patches full of funny shaped pumpkins and Halloween!

So in my house we decorate for fall as soon as possible.

And this year it's now!

I wanted to share with you how to bring the beauty of the outdoors, indoor; by making some tree "branches" and arranging leaf vines and gourds. 

This is how to decorate on a budget, it's all from the Dollar Store! 

This is an arrangement of flowers with some wheat in there, next to some leaves and fake gourds in a basket. And that cute little crow I thought it was a fun Halloween touch!

A fake pumpkin with leaf vines, and a cornucopia filled with a fake squash and dried corn.

This is the one I show you how to make!

-Gourds of any kind and shape
-Leaf vines (I use 4 from the Dollar Store)
-Bundle of curly sticks and eucalyptus (or any other filler)
-Hot Glue 

First to make the Branches:
Take the sticks you want to use and separate them. (My sticks are very crooked but straight will work also.)

Then you want to remove the leaves from two of the vine bundles.

Arrange the leaves the way you like. I tried to make the placement of the leaves look more natural, like a real tree branch. Then glue them in place using hot glue. (hint: hold the leaf in place for a while until the glue hardens, do this for each leaf.)

Next put the sticks together so they look fairly symmetrical and wrap some of the extra, bare vine around the bottom and hot glue them to hold the "branches" in place.

Then add some of the filler, curly sticks and eucalyptus. Some wheat stalk or dried berry clusters would look great as well. 

As for this fall arrangement nothing else is needed, simple put it in a vase!

Now to place it. 
I always love to put arrangements like this one on the counter near the front door. That way when you enter your house the red and orange leaves are welcoming you home. The vase puts the arrangement high enough to place some gourds and vines around  the base. 
Like so...

There it is, a beautiful piece of Autumn in your home to enjoy!

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  1. Wow I didn't know that you made the leaf branches I thought you bought them, nice work Christy!