Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Pajamas for the Whole Family

One of our family Christmas traditions is to open one gift on Christmas Eve and the gift is always Christmas PJs!

So this year I am going to make the pajamas for everyone out of cotton flannel.

 Little ones and big ones.

 PJ pants for the whole family.

Some fun Christmas fabric.

-PJ fabric: enough to go from waist to floor 2 times, about 3 yards for grown ups
(use some fabric with a bit of stretch)
-Elastic to go around the waist
-Tissue paper and felt tip pen 
-Sewing supplies 

Making a pattern;  I've found making your own with pants that fit well works better then using a store bought one. I draw my patterns on tissue paper because I never have any regular paper big enough.
Make sure to leave room for seam allowance and ease (if your using a woven fabric like I am).

Then use the pattern to cut out two pieces of the fabric -make sure to put the straight side on the fold. 

  This is what both pieces should look like.

Double fold hem both of the pant legs, press and stitch.
Then sew the sides (which is really in the seam at center front and back).  

To make the waist band, fold down the top 1 inch twice, press and stitch. 

Make sure to leave a gap in the stitch line to put the elastic through.

Thread the elastic through, sew it together and stitch up the gap.

Fold it so the seams are laying on each other and stitch the inner leg seam. 

Be careful to catch all the layers at the crotch, I always stitch that spot twice just to reinforce the stitch. Then zigzag or serge the raw edge.

It's the same for grown up pjs just bigger and you might need more ease in the rear. (When in doubt, it's best to go big rather than small.)

A great Christmas Eve gift!

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  1. Super cute and clever that you make your own pattern. Where's a pic of your pants & John's?