Monday, May 14, 2012

Closet Extenders

We never seem to have enough closet space!

And my little one has too many cute dresses. So I decided to make more room in her closet by adding another bar for clothes.

Little girl dresses aren't that long so you can fit two levels of hanging clothes in a standard size closet (this would work for adult shirts as well).

Because Everyone could use more closet space!
I'm sharing this fix with you!!!

-A dowel rod about an inch and a half thick
-Grosgrain ribbon (I used less then one spool)
- Sewing machine or hand sewing items

To get started I measured how long I wanted my next bar to hang and added 6 inches to that length for the over lap. Then I measured and cut two strands of ribbon.

Next I wrapped the end of the ribbon around the current closet poll leaving 3 inches of over lap and marked the circumference of the poll with a pin. (Make sure the pin is close to the poll to keep the ribbon from sliding around once the weight of the clothes is included.) I did this with the other ribbon also, then at the other end of both ribbons, measuring around my dowel rod and pinning.

Then I folded the end of the ribbon under an inch and sewed it in place with several stitches.

I Sewed both ends starting at the first pin and making sure it still fit. (Getting it on the rod is a little tricky, I used a pin to pull it over the edge.) 

Fit it around each edge of both rods and you have your new bar for clothes! Yeah! I think I could even fit some more cute little dresses. Better get sewing :)

With all the cute little dresses on it.


  1. Way coool Christy! You're so clever.

  2. I love it I did the same thing for my sons closet