Monday, May 21, 2012

Onesie Repurpose: Part 2 The Skirt

So this is the second half of my last post where I made the onesie (found here). Now I'm making a Skirt and Hair Flower.

For this half I used the rest of the cotton flannel, the tulle, and 1/6 of a yard of white cotton. You will also need some elastic, mine was 1/2 inch thick.

I started with about 34" x 8" piece of cotton flannel, and I sewed the ends together so I had a long circle.

Next I folded down the top an inch, pressed it, folded it another inch and pressed it again to make the waistband. Then I stitched it, leaving about a one inch gap in the stitching for the elastic to go in. For the hem I double folded it up a 1/2 inch.

To make the lining I took the white cotton and cut it so it was the same length (34") and width, minus the waistband (5"), as the flannel piece. Then I folded down the top and the bottom 1/2 inch just once. For the tulle, I cut a piece 3" by double the length of the lining fabric (68"). Next I gathered the tulle and sewed it to the lining 1 inch above the bottom. Then I stitched the ends together making a long circle.

To attach the lining to the skirt I placed the lining on the flannel wrong sides together and sewed over the top of the existing stitch for the waistband.
(Make sure to leave the hole on the waistband for the elastic open. I forgot and had to back-stitch and unpick it to get the elastic in. Oops)

To thread the elastic through the waistband I used a safety pin, this just makes it easier for me. Then I stitched the elastic together and sewed up the hole.

A tiny cute skirt- maybe I'll make one of these for myself :)

I wanted to have something to put in her hair (or rather on her head) so I used one of the great tutorials from my favorite craft site Make it and Love it found here (at the bottom).
I added the beads and a safety pin on the back to attach it to a headband like in this tutorial!

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  1. I wish I had a girl so I could make her cute stuff like that skirt