Friday, May 11, 2012

Cute Scripture/ Bible Cover

I was invited to read the Book of Mormon in 100 days by my sister. So my sweet husband bought me a new one and I thought this would be a great time to make a cute cover for it. 
This cover will work for any type of book.

-a book to cover
-interfacing (some scraps)
I used a scrap from another project, 
but you could use an old sheet, blanket, or shirt, 
just use a woven fabric (not stretchy).

First I measured the book while it was closed (this is so you don't make it too tight which causes it to bow). Then I added 4 inches to the length to fold over. I wanted to do a double fold hem at a 1/2 inch so I added 1 inch to all sides.

Then I cut out and pressed the fabric I chose.

Then I folded the edges over 1/2 inch, pressed it, folded it another 1/2 inch and pressed again.(this is the double fold hem)
Instead of sewing the hem I just presses it on high with a lot of steam.

I added some interfacing to make it a little stiffer, leaving a gap where the folds are for the book spine. Also I didn't put any interfacing where it folds over. (on the ends)

Then to make the fold where the book cover slides into, I unfolded the double fold hem once, so it's a single fold hem (I did this on just the the ends where the flap over laps). Then I folded over the ends 4 inches right sides together and sewed on the crease from the unfolded double fold (just sewing in 4 inches).

Then I turned it right side out and because I pressed it so well the parts not sewn folded itself back to the double fold hem. I pressed it again just to make it really secure.

This is a great way to protect any book and a fun way to personalize it too.


  1. You can do this to any book. Especially one that you want to give as a gift but the cover is messy. It makes it so personalized. Yeah Christy!

  2. I loved your tutorial,it is really educative but concerning your faith,I think you also need some tutorial yourself from the Bible and reconsider...peace.