Friday, August 24, 2012

Repurpose: Altoid Tin into Sewing Box

Sometimes when I'm out and about I end up needing a sewing kit.

To sew back on a fallen button, to pin together a ripped seam, to cut loose threads, etc.

But I don't want just any sewing kit I want mine in a cute case!

It has everything I need in it.

And it's oh so cute!

-Dollar Store sewing kit
-Altoids tin
-Scrap fabric
-Scrap batting
-Hot Glue

First lay the emptied tin on the scrap batting, trace around the edge, and cut.
Do the same for the fabric cutting it 1/2 inch bigger than the tin, this is to cover the sides.

Hot glue the batting to the bottom and top of the tin.
(this is the bottom, I did the whole top first then the bottom).

 Put the fabric on over the batting stretching the fabric around the sides and hot gluing. Make sure to leave the hinges uncovered. Then trim the excess fabric as close to the edge as possible.

Do the same to both sides. I found that the tin closes better if you cut the fabric 1/4 inch short of the top, where the lid overlaps the bottom.

To make the pocket I took a rectangle of fabric (as wide as the tin plus 1/2 inch and as long as the tin plus 2 inches) and folded the edges in 1/4 inch on all sides and pressed it. Then I folded the bottom under 2 inches wrong sides together and pressed it. Lastly I folded the bottom up 1 inch and pressed it. 
(If that is super confusing fold it in whatever way will fit, with the bottom folded up, and it will work.)

Glue it in and you have a pocket (because the corners of the tin are rounded I folded the corners of the pocket in so it would fit.)

To make it more decorative I glued a ribbon around the bottom edge just under where the lid overlaps.
(The box is upside down in the picture.)

I also added a ribbon on the top.

And a cute little bow (the tutorial for the bow can be found here).

Who would have thought an Altoids tin could be so cute.
And really you could fill it with anything!


  1. Oh my goodness that's so cute why haven't I seen this before I have to do this

  2. Oh my goodness that's so cute why haven't I seen this before I have to do this