Friday, October 12, 2012

Apron Embellishments: Ruffle and Applique

If you have an old apron you want to spruce up,

 or found last week's apron (here) too simple, 

add some ruffles 
a cute applique to the front. 
(an applique is a cut out piece of fabric that is sewn on)

One for boys with an applique

And one for girls with some pretty ruffles and an applique.

- Strips of fabric for the ruffle
(I used two of each 3"x 45" & 5"x 45" piece)
- Felt Squares
(1 of each orange, yellow and white)
- Sewing machine and supplies

Lets start with the applique.

1. Cut out the pattern (for the Boo you will need to print both pieces and tape them together)
2. Lay the pattern piece on the felt and cut it out
3. Cut out all the pieces you are going to use
4. Put the pieces on the fabric and stitch around the edge of each piece

Candy Corn



Now for the ruffles:

Cut your ruffle fabric strips.
Mine are two of each 2"x 45" (this strip is for tomorrow's blog) , 5"x 45" and 3"x 45".

Then serge or zigzag stitch all around the edges of each strip.

Next fold down 1/4 inch, press and stitch all the edges.

Then to gather, baste stitch each strip just under the hem making sure not to back stitch and leave the end strings long. Then gently pull on one of the threads to gather, be careful not to break the thread. I usually gather one side to the center then gather the other side. Gather the strip until it is the same length as the apron.

Once it's gathered to the length of the apron, pin it on. I layered the 3" strip on top of the 5" strip and pinned it in place.

 Close up - 3" strip on 5" strip on the bottom of the apron.

Then sew it on, sewing both layers at the same time.
However you could sew each gathered strip individually if it's easier for you.

Then pin on the second set,

Just over the first set.

Then sew it on.

And there you have it a nice ruffly apron!!

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